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Women standing around the word Enough

It began as a whisper, of one woman leaning into the ear of another, “Do you feel it?” she asked.

Then whispered to another, “Do you feel it?” and it began to spread, this whisper, from one woman to another, to another, whispering, “Do you feel it? Do you feel it?”

The question was asked, once, then twice, then ten hundred whispers around the world; women wondering what it was they were feeling. The whispering pulsed as the need for the answer grew. “Do you feel it?”


Cinda’s I Have a Theory

Cinda Has a Theory

Cinda’s I Have A Theory series will consist of video blogs of my multiple spiritual theories. I will discuss my personal thoughts on why things work the way they work, are the way they are, seem the way they seem…. and how we are to go about spiritually healing, recreating, and working with and through our life lessons, and tribulations to release and relieve our suffering.

In each video, I will discuss my personal experience with a lesson learned, a wound healed, a fear overcome, a darkness revealed and released and my theory as to why and how it worked.

Join in and ROAR!

Join In and ROAR!

(Note: this video was made for Sept 2012, but the messages is worth keeping it up.  The ROAR! continues!)

What makes you ROAR!?

Is there something you’re ready to speak out against, stand up for, or shout about? We want to hear it. Women the world over are standing up to power, speaking the truth. You can too!

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