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Women standing around the word Enough

It began as a whisper, of one woman leaning into the ear of another, “Do you feel it?” she asked.

Then whispered to another, “Do you feel it?” and it began to spread, this whisper, from one woman to another, to another, whispering, “Do you feel it? Do you feel it?”

The question was asked, once, then twice, then ten hundred whispers around the world; women wondering what it was they were feeling. The whispering pulsed as the need for the answer grew. “Do you feel it?”

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Ascending Hearts Workshop

ascendingheartbeachJoin Me October 4th – 6th for this very special weekend retreat at the Oregon Coast! 

Are you experiencing a massive shift in your awakening conscious but don’t know what it means, or what to do with it, or who to talk to about it, or where to go with it…… Can you feel that you are on the edge of greatness but don’t know what that next step is…… Are you craving a community of like minded thinkers, believers to support your process, your path, your life’s destiny…….?

We at Ascending-Hearts are in this with you. We are part of that community you so crave. Join Us and become part of something bigger and greater than any of us could ever be alone.


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Join in the ROAR!

Join In and ROAR!

(Note: this video was made for Sept 2012, but the messages is worth keeping it up.  The ROAR! continues!)

What makes you ROAR!?

Is there something you’re ready to speak out against, stand up for, or shout about? We want to hear it. Women the world over are standing up to power, speaking the truth. You can too!

Use our online form to tell us what makes you ROAR! You can even send us an image of how you feel and we’ll include it on our 30 Days of ROAR!s page.

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