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Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

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Are you curious if the angelic realm is aware of the work you are doing?

Are you wondering if the angels even care that you’ve been suffering?

Do you have a question for your guides about relationships, career, family and/or your health?

Or are you just curious about the angels?

An Angelic Card Reading in an excellent and very effective way to have your questions answered.

There is a powerful and profound and yes sacred moment that takes place during a reading when you realize that you are not invisible or alone on your journey. An angelic card reading gives your angels, the ones who have been working closely with you throughout your life or during your recent development, an opportunity to communicate with you. Each card is a validation to your experience. A validation that you are loved, so very loved, by the unseen force of the Divine.

I use a ten card layout from the deck of cards you will choose. If you are with me in person, I will break traditional patterns of other readers by having you shuffle the cards and lay them out. I do this in order to ensure that it is your energy that the cards feel and not mine. I will guide you throughout the process. If you cannot visit me in person, we can set up a taped Zoom or Skype call. I will direct the camera to the cards and layout, as well as have a second camera on me. You will send your energy and your question directly to the cards as I lay them out. Both means are every effective!

Once the layout is done, with the cards face down, together we will analyze and decipher the angels’ messages, one card at a time. We will do this based on your question or concern, the position of that particular card in the layout, the artwork of that card and the meaning inside the book that accompanies the card deck. I will also tap into the angelic realm to see if there is additional meanings we are missing.

The reading can take between one or two hours (the price will not change). You are welcome to record it, tape it, take notes. You are encouraged to ask questions.

An Angelic Card Reading is $111.00 (the angelic number for manifesting dreams)

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  1. I have had several of Cinda’s Angelic Card Readings done, and they are fabulous! Cinda is masterful at interpreting the cards, helping you to decipher their meanings. It can truly be a life altering reading.

    • Thank you Mary for such a lovely testimonial. I have loved doing your readings with you, each one more exciting and insightful than the next. What joy this is!

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