LadyBug TouchStones

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016

Every now and then you may need an amulet or talisman or a touchstone or just a beautiful piece of earth to wear around your neck, close to your heart to represent your journey and your intention.

My touchstone to the other side, the unseen force that supports me, has been ladybugs. Every time a ladybug show herself to me, I know my prayers have been answered or at least heard.

I created LadyBug TouchStones years ago when I had a few dear friends who were experiencing profound trauma and drama in their lives. I ached for them and with their pain. As a friend, I knew I could sit and listen and offer counsel, but afterwards I wondered if I could do more. I realized, when I thought of them, I held my hand close to my heart, their pain still felt with me. Then it occurred to me, I wondered if I could create something they could wear close to their heart that would bring them peace and comfort?

I went to the bead store and let my intuition guide me to the perfect pendant. Then I chose semi-precious stones to surround the pendant with. When I brought the pieces home, I created a sacred space to string the necklace. I did this by lighting a candle and stating a prayer for healing for the person. When I was done, I blew the candle out and blessed the necklace in it’s smoke.

The ritual has since evolved. You can come to my house, or I can come to you (this is really only for local Portland, Oregon peeps, sorry). I have collected many semi-precious stones for you to choose from. When your POWER PENDANT is chosen, I will wire it for you and string it onto a piece of ribbon or leather. You will write out a prayer, light a candle and then bless/cleanse your necklace with sage/smudge.

It is powerful ritual. You will leave with a Power Pendant that is unique to you, a prayer card with your intention written out, a tea light candle you used in the ritual. This will become your TouchStone to the other side, an unseen connection to help you get through the tough times.

Each session seems to take two to three hours.  The cost is $77 per pendant, this includes the ritual.


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