Manon Doyle’s Visionary Art

Cinda and Manon's ArtworkIn the early morning of May 23, 2010, I, Cinda Stevens Lonsway, had been inspired. My pen could not keep up as words flowed from my spirit. The result: ROAR!. I shared it online and this beautifully and powerfully written article went viral. Two years later, I see this piece of art by Manon Doyle on FaceBook, she had tapped into the energy of ROAR!. I knew I needed to find her! I met Manon in person, and one year later, she had painted 36 paintings of her personal inspirational version of ROAR!.

Spirit has a plan! Empowering Women (Men, and Children) to Stand Up and Give Voice to Their Truth. ROAR! is still finding new readers and changing lives by the hundreds. Our project includes a beautifully colorful coffee table style book, a traveling art exhibit (ROAR! painted on the walls next to these emotionally powerful paintings). Also, stationary, oracle cards, paperback books, and more of ROAR!, as well as my other writings and books and Manon’s prints and jewelry.

Both Manon and I have multiple Social Media sites, websites, and blogs. I travel and do ROAR! workshops, and public speaking events covering my other inspirational writings. I currently write for Wild Sister Magazine, BraveHeart Women and my Blog.

Manon’s jewelry is sold throughout the county in trendy boutiques and online, her art has found its way into her fans’ homes, but this is her biggest project yet!

Manon took ROAR!, cut it into strips, and glued it onto the canvas. She then painted over it. Key words are written on the black space. This painting vibrates with the power of ROAR! “Do you feel it?” (below are more samples of ROAR!)

Manon Doyle

Artist Manon Doyle

For many years, I didn’t know who I was and was stuck trying to find myself. I was creating art everyday but it was work that I thought would make others happy. I was lost in my work and life. In my late thirties, things slowly started to shift. I started to paint women in my journal. These women were strong, sensitive, happy, sad – and most had a message of hope. They spoke to my heart and showed me the way. Somehow through them. I discovered my artistic voice, but most importantly I found me.

I was born and raised in  Quebec, Canada and I’m currently living in Scottsdale, AZ.

— Manon Doyle
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