Cinda’s I Have a Theory

Cinda-Lonsway_WEB_017abc_600Cinda’s I Have A Theory series will consist of video blogs of my multiple spiritual theories. I will discuss my personal thoughts on why things work the way they work, are the way they are, seem the way they seem…. and how we are to go about spiritually healing, recreating, and working with and through our life lessons, and tribulations to release and relieve our suffering.

In each video, I will discuss my personal experience with a lesson learned, a wound healed, a fear overcome, a darkness revealed and released and my theory as to why and how it worked. In reality, my theories are not theories at all, at least not for me. They are real pieces of informational gold wrapped in personal wisdom. If they worked for me, they will work for you. But, until you try it for yourself, it is just a theory. So I will invite you to experiment for yourself to see if my theory of healing can work for you.

My desire is to create a community of healers. Healers who have tested out theories of mine or others and healed themselves. I want to know your healing story, your personal theory as to why you think it worked for you. This will be a safe and respectful environment to share. Any comments by haters, way-sayers, or negative comments that are not supportive will be deleted and that person will be blocked. Most certainly questions will be answered, confusions addressed, and step by step support for beginners will be asked out of our circle of healers.

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Cinda’s I Have A Theory topics will include:

  • How a ROAR! Works, the Consequences, and the Follow Up Why Awful Violent Bad Things Happen To Good People Why Awareness is All the Spiritual You Are Seeking What is the Development of Spirituality….
  • How Water Therapy Really Works
  • Really?….Evolve or DEvolve
  • What is My Ego and How Do I Know It Has Me Captive What is This Rising of the Feminine Why Not Speaking Up is Sometimes Better Why Heal….
  • How Healing the Mother Will Heal the Child Why Customers Don’t Always Know Best How Relationships Are Changing How to Recover From Depressions, Addictions, Anxieties